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Publishers & Bookshops

This page provides links to websites of local and worldwide publishers and bookshops. They do not provide links to the full text of publications. Many free full text services are available from the E-journals and E-book resources.

Publishers & Bookshops Worldwide


A leading online seller of books & A/V.

Barnes & Noble

One of the largest book retailers. Offers low prices on books, textbooks, movies and TV show DVDs and music, Toys, and Games.

Blackwell's Online Bookshops 

Blackwell’s Online Bookshop stocks a wide range of academic books, university textbooks, specialist textbooks and books for the general reader.

Publishers & Bookshops in Greece


ANUBIS Publishing Company is one of most dynamic Greek publishing companies in the fields of Computer Science and Economics.

BiblioNet – Greek Books in Print

The company aims at the production, management and distribution of an online database of information for purchase of books giving information for all Greek books in print.

Books in Greek

The most integrated Greek online bookstore. With a rich collection of more than 30.000 titles it covers subject areas like economy, computer science, social sciences, languages, literature, arts, law and others of general interest.

Ethniko Kentro Vivliou

From E.KE.BI site you can get information about books,  authors, publishers, book-stores, libraries, book exhibitions, book industry etc.

Ekdoseis M. Giourdas

An online bookstore with publications in business, computer science and information technology.

Ekdoseis Ath. Stamoulis

An on-line bookstore that focuses on the publication and promotion of scientific – mainly of university level – books. They cover the areas of economics, statistics, tourism, accounting, mathematics, law.

Ekdoseis Kleidarithmos 

Electronic bookstore covering all the range of Computer Science and Business Administration & Economics, as well as, issues of personal growth, quality entertainment and of general interest

B. Giourdas - Ekdotiki

Publications on Computer Science, Economics and Administration, as well as Medicine

Ekdotikos Organismos Livanis

Catalogue for search and order of books. It covers subject areas of Literature sciences, Education, sports, biographies, Computer Science, Cinema


The largest foreign books bookstore chain in Greece. It sells both Greek and Foreign Language books. Their database includes more than 200.000 Greek and foreign titles.

The most efficient Greek on-line company. Its catalogue consists of a great number of books and A/V material which is constantly renewed and updated. You can find books circulating in the Greek market, which have been published either by Greek authors or translated into Greek. In the music department of the you can find all CDs and cassettes of the Greek Music.

Ianos Publications Bookstore

An electronic bookstore which gives information about the Greek bibliography and accepts orders from all over the world. It covers books in literature, Sciences, law, education, athletics, biographies, computers, languages etc.

Sakkoulas Publication

Specializes in scientific publications, mainly of law books and textbooks, as well as, economic – taxation books. The electronic bookstore allows online search and orders.



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