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This is a selection of newspapers and news resources that are available on-line. In some you will have to register (usually free) before you can access.



Greek Newspapers


Electronic edition of the print newspaper. Includes news about politics, social news, key financial information.


Afternoon newspaper covering news from Greece and the World.

Kathimerini, H

Online edition of the print newspaper, with news about politics, economy, and other social news in general.


Daily newspaper including financial, shipping, and political news from Greece and the World.


Nea, Ta 

A daily newspaper with news and comments on politics and economy in Greece and worldwide.


The Greek Press

Athens News Agency

All the ANA services are on-line, with an estimated 350 news items in Greek and 50-60 items in English updated daily. It also publishes an English 'Electronic Daily News Bulletin' containing all the Greek news. The ANA further has four data banks in Greek -- news, biographies of Greek and foreign personalities, election results and sports -- and a news bank in English.

BBC-In Greece

The Greek section aims to provide distinctive, authoritative, reliable and dispassionate news and current affairs programme offer, for customers in Greece and Cyprus and amongst the Greek speaking diaspora. Fully in line with the ethos and editorial integrity of the BBC, it will provide information and analysis reflecting major world and regional events.

Cyprus News Agency

The CAN is published and distributed not only in Greek but in English and other languages as well. CNA currently has commercial agreements with Reuters, AFP, ITAR-TASS, RIA NOVOSTI and MENA, cooperation agreements with ANA, SANA, XINHUA, ANSA, IRNA, PAP, APS and ATA. CAN and also exchanges news with the Macedonian News Agency (Thessaloniki), BTA, STA and ROMPRES.

Hellenic Press Agency

Political, economic, sport news from all over the world.

Hellenic Resources Network

An electronic network of information with focus on the enhancement of communication and cooperation between Greeks around the world by facilitating a more effective use of the Internet.


Macedonian Press Agency

The MPA is one of the two national news agencies in Greece. It cooperates with all the national press agencies of Balkan countries, the Black See, the French Press Agency and the Russian Itar-Tass.


Provides political, financial and social news for the Greeks worldwide.


International Newspapers

BBC News Service

Daily news resource that covers the globe.

Daily Telegraph

Daily newspaper with business news, sport news, science & technology news, fashion and entertainment.

Financial Times 

Focused on helping business people become more effective, FT is a world-class editorial analysis of financial markets, industries, and companies, plus clear and insightful content on a full range of business topics. At, you will also find news on the people behind the headlines and fast, easy access to our comprehensive business directory. Access company quotes and data, chat with commentators and colleagues in the industry, updates your personal calendar with key industry events - even check the latest sports scores.

Guardian Unlimited

Daily newspaper that covers UK and international news topics.

New York Times, The

A premier news and information network for individuals who want a unique perspective on their world. By bringing together the industry's most trusted editorial content and a uniquely knowledge-hungry audience, NYTD and its properties comprise one of the world's most powerful environments for news, information and interaction. New York Times Digital comprises and and a Digital Archive Distribution business.

Times Online, The

Online daily newspaper with breaking financial, political, and other news from all over the world.

Wall Street Journal Online, The 


The WSJO includes top world news and crucial reports from all industries, along with all the financial insight individuals need for planning. Every day, it gives a unique overview of all the events, trends, ideas and products that affect careers and your life.

Washington Post, The

Daily newspaper with business, financial, technology, sport, travel news from all over the world.


Newspaper Collections & News Services

The following contain many useful links to directories of newspapers and other news resources.

ABYZ News Links  

Links to over 17,000 newspapers and other news sources from around the world.

Worldwide Newspapers

World Newspapers, Magazines, and News Sites in English.


Based in the USA, this links to Newspapers, magazines and news services around the World.

Web Wombat On-line Newspapers

Links to newspapers worldwide, arranged by country.


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