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The Information & Learning Commons (ILC)

WELCOME to the Information & Learning Commons (ILC), CITY College’s brand new state of the art facility. The ILC is housed on the 6th floor of the Leontos Sofou Building (3, L. Sofou str.) and operates from its new premises, since April 2009. The ILC aspires to become a benchmark of quality educational environment and studying experience.


Profile of the ILC

The newly founded ILC is a dynamic, collaborative workspace that brings together resources and services that support students in research, studying, learning, and in the use of technology. It combines individual and group study spaces, in-depth reference service and instruction flowing from a variety of sources, including library and IT staff, along with leisure and social spaces.

This innovative environment integrates the following:

  • CITY College’s Library collections
  • Library Services Desk
  • Library Information Services
  • Computing Support Services
  • PCs Working Area
  • Multimedia Room
  • Seminar Room
  • Study Rooms
  • Reading Areas
  • Collaborative Learning Spaces
  • Social and leisure space with comfortable seating
  • Accessible space for students with impaired mobility

The information resources include:

  • over 30,000 printed volumes
  • a core collection of textbooks and references
  • audiovisual & multimedia material and equipment
  • subscriptions to a variety of electronic resources
  • IT, including wireless networking and desktop PCs

Printed items are housed throughout the main ILC area, all being part of the collection of the former CITY College Library. Electronic resources (ER) include access, to e-journal and e-book collections, subscriptions to digital libraries and to bibliographic and full text databases. These resources are available to both, on and off-campus users.


Objectives of the ILC

  • To support the learning, teaching, and research needs of a high quality academic institution, by acquiring and organizing relevant and well balanced collections in a wide variety of formats.
  • To provide a platform for developing services and for promoting the use of innovative technologies in order to equally offer all services to local and remote users.
  • Furthermore, to offer an accessible, collaborative learning and research environment where people can pursue and share ideas.


Users of the ILC

The main objective of the ILC is to serve the information needs of the College’s students and staff. For this purpose, the ILC’s resources, services and facilities are basically acquired and developed to support the College's programmes. Eligible users:

  • Undergraduate students
  • Postgraduate students
  • Research students
  • Academic teaching staff
  • Alumni


Visitors of the ILC

External visitors are welcome to use ILC resources and services and in particular, those not available in any other local library (networking & collaboration agreement). However, we cannot undertake the responsibility to build up research collections in subject areas or in languages which are outside the scope of CITY College's research or teaching activities. Visitors who are eligible for an external library card may only borrow items from the Standard Loan Sections.


Staff of the ILC

The ILC is run by the Vice-Principle of Research, Innovation & External Relations, the Head Librarian, professionally trained, full-time employed librarians, and support staff which assist with user-centered services. Additionally, the ILC integrates two important services on campus, the Library Information Services and the Computing Support Services. This venture facilitates a more convenient and efficient approach in providing services to the users and at the same time educating them, to make the best use of these services.



Key contacts

Library staff


Contact details

Rania Anagnostopoulou

Head Librarian
Tel.: 2310 538560

Chrysoula Papadopoulou

Tel.: 2310 528450 Ext: 143

Computing staff


Contact details

Stergios Nikolopoulos

Computing Support Services Director
Office: L. Sofou Building, 7th floor
Tel: 538 544 Ext: 138

Dimitris Tsamitros

Assistant Systems Administrator, Computing Support Services
Office: L. Sofou Building, 7th floor
Tel: 538 544 Ext: 138

Panagiotis Ziogas

Assistant Systems Administrator, Computing Support Services
Office: L. Sofou Building, 7th floor
Tel: 538 544 Ext: 138


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