Two real-life practicum projects for ‘Ioniki Sfoliata’ by CITY College business students
Κολέγιο CITY College
Main Campus, Thessaloniki, Greece
30 July 2021

Two real-life practicum projects for ‘Ioniki Sfoliata’ by CITY College business students

  • Real-life student projects for one of the leading manufacturers of frozen dough and pastry products

  • Applying knowledge in the ‘real-world’: A rewarding learning experience for our students while working under the supervision of business experts

Two groups of undergraduate students of the Business Administration and Economics Department of CITY College, University of York Europe Campus had the opportunity get first-hand field experience by working on real-life projects with their ‘company-client’, Ioniki Sfoliata, one of the most important manufacturers of frozen dough and pastry products based in Thessaloniki, Greece.

The first team (team members: Klitemnistra Kotanidou, Erika Sulo, Ivo Angelov and Kaloyan Nikolov) was requested to find and propose strategies that could be employed to attract more Millennials in consuming frozen foods. After hard work and close cooperation with Ioniki Sfoliata Mr Chris Liassides, Associate Professor at our Business Administration and Economics Department, our students presented four different strategies : a)clever and appealing slogans and promotional techniques, b) Healthier ingredients, c) environmentally friendly of packaging  and d) smaller portions (with less calories).

The second team’s (team members: Effrosini Daniilidou, Sofia Sotiraki, Thanas Xega, Davor Babamov) main task was to find strategies that could be employed to improve channel management through technology. The main strategy that was presented by our students was the use of active tags for carton boxes, under the technology of RFID Tags and Smart Packaging. As a secondary task, the students also presented their idea on 3D printing of pastries, as a promotional and brand awareness tool in various outlets selling similar foods.

Two real-life practicum projects for ‘Ioniki Sfoliata’ by CITY College business studentsTwo real-life practicum projects for ‘Ioniki Sfoliata’ by CITY College business students

Both projects were undertaken as part of the Practicum of their studies which is a valuable and successful component of all Bachelors programmes of the Business Department. While working for their practicum students build their employability skills, work closely with business experts, and have one of the most rewarding learning experiences during their studies at CITY College.

University-industry cooperation integrated in the education of students is highly promoted in all CITY College’s academic programmes and proves a real asset for our students.

Mr. Yanni Vaharoglou, COO of Ioniki Sfoliata and Mr Chris Liassides warnly thanked and congratulated all the students on their work and tenacity in completing successfully their practicum.

Ioniki Sfoliata


What is the Practicum?
Business Practicums are supervised action learning projects designed to provide students with an opportunity to manage a project for an organization (“participating company-client”). They aim to successfully bridge academic knowledge and the development of professional skills and employability.
They are team-based and normally delivered over a semester requiring students to devote an average of 150-200 hours in total (depending on the nature of the project). The student work is complemented by classroom-based teaching/mentoring.
The precise nature of the project can vary enormously depending on both the nature and the needs of the organisation. Participating companies can be large corporations or small local businesses. The common denominator is a genuine need for help with a problem or appreciation of the added value of some independent research beyond the resources or capabilities of the participating company. This may be a general management problem, a marketing issue, a finance matter or any number of specific challenges.


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