NebulOus – Our research centre, SEERC, participates in new research project
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12 January 2023

NebulOus – Our research centre, SEERC, participates in new research project


We are excited to announce the launch of Nebulous, a new research project in which SEERC, CITY College’s research centre, participates as partner. NebulOus will accomplish substantial research contributions in the realms of cloud and fog computing brokerage by introducing advanced methods and tools for enabling secure and optimal application provisioning and reconfiguration over the cloud computing continuum. NebulOus will develop a novel Meta Operating System and platform for enabling transient fog brokerage ecosystems that seamlessly exploit edge and fog nodes, in conjunction with multi-cloud resources, to cope with the requirements posed by low latency applications. The project is funded by Horizon.

Fundacio Eurecat (Coordinator)
Institute of Communication and Computer Systems
South-East European Research Centre
Telefonica Investigacion y Desarrollo S.A Sp. z o.o.
AIR FUSION Sp. z o.o.
Ubiwhere, Lda.
F6S Network Ireland
Connecting Dots IKE
BIBA Institute
University of Oslo
@fire – Internationaler Katastrophenschutz Deutschland e.V
Gioumpitek Meleti Schediasmos Ylopoiisi kai Polisi Ergon Pliroforikis Etaireia Periorismenis Efthynis
Augmenta Holding SAS

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