Student Elections 2024-25 - Nominations open!
Κολέγιο CITY College
Main Campus, Thessaloniki, Greece
08 April 2024

Student Elections 2024-25 - Nominations open!

Student Elections 2024-25 - Nominations open!

It's the 2024 Students' Union Elections season! Here's your opportunity to influence who will represent your Union and shape its path for the upcoming year.

4 positions are open for nominations. So don't hesitate, step forward, nominate yourself, or suggest worthy candidates, and participate in voting to enact meaningful change.

CSU positions for the next academic year 2024-25:

  • President
  • Sports & Activities Officer
  • PR & Communications Officer
  • Welfare & Education Officer

This is your chance to be a leader!  You'll be able to meet some great new people, build networks and develop a portfolio of skills and experience which will benefit you throughout your University experience and beyond.

All undergraduate students are eligible to run for the above posts. Elections are going to be held online in compliance with all the University regulations and ordinances.



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Note: the Vice-President position is covered by a Master's student in October of each academic year.

Important Dates:

  • Register - Declare Candidacy: Until 12 April 2024 (Strictly)

  • Campaign: from 12 April until 21 April 2024

  • Vote Online: from 22 April until 25th April 2024


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