Administration Board - CITY College, University of York Europe Campus
Κολέγιο CITY College
Main Campus, Thessaloniki, Greece

CITY College Administration Board

The duties of the CITY College Administration Board (CAB) are to:

  • discuss and decide the main policies, strategies and tactics of CITY College; 
  • monitor the running of the departments and their progress in achieving their goals in every field without interfering with their autonomous structure; 
  • apply constant quality assessment of the education provided; 
  • manage personnel;
  • activate and maintain links and relationships within the community; 
  • manage the budget;
  • liaise with the Executive Board of the University; and
  • overall to supervise the College's activities.

The CAB is chaired by the President and Principal and, among other things, discusses issues related to teaching and learning, either in a review and evaluation context or as a plan of action. Occasionally, the Extended Administration Board, which consists of the CAB and all Heads of Departments and Course Directors, meets in order to discuss important educational issues. During the last year, the Extended Administration Board was replaced by the CITY College Executive Board. 



President and Principal (Chair)

Mr Yannis Ververidis


New Developments, Marketing and Recruitment

Dr Megaklis Petmezas

Research and Innovation
Computer Science Department, SEERC

Prof. Panayiotis Ketikidis

Teaching and Learning
Business Administration and Economics Department, Psychology Department, Humanities Department

Prof. Petros Kefalas


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