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Help Guides

Below is a list of guides that will help you use the Information & Learning Commons (ILC) and its resources effectively. Printed guides are available at the Library Services Desk and in key areas of the ILC. In case there is not an answer to a query you may have, contact the ILC staff.


General Guides

These guides will acquaint new ILC users with library collections, resources, services and facilities.

Using the ILC

Types of Information Resources

Πληροφοριακές Πηγές: οδηγός

Off-campus students guide

Library Vocabulary Guide

Dewey Decimal Classification


Literature Searching Guides

These guides are intended to help students with researching and locating resources for projects and assignments. Additionally, the ILC provides Induction Tours and Information Skills Tutorials for students who wish to further develop literature searching skills.

Understanding References in Reading Lists

Finding Quality Information

Literature Search Process

Literature Review Process

How to search in databases

How to find articles on a subject

How to keep up to date with a subject


Referencing Guides

These guides are intended to help students organise large numbers of references, including books, authors, book chapters, journal articles and different types of e-resources and use the correct methods of citation.

How to Cite printed resources
How to Cite electronic resources
How to write a bibliography

How to distinguish Scholarly from Popular articles


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