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Internship Testimonials

Ms Stefani Spasenoska“I’m excited to announce that I will be joining the Goldman Sachs Global Research Division in London this June. I am really thankful to the university and all the professors that have supported me in this process. I am especially thankful to the Career & Employability Center at CITY College that has provided help in navigating the entire application process. I couldn’t be more excited to start my career at this leading investment bank. I am looking forward to gaining more experience, expanding my network, and enhancing my skills.”

Stefani Spasenoska
Goldman Sachs Global Research Division, London



Ms Arieta Shabani“My internship as ICT Consultant at CITY College as well as my second internship as Web Developer at Creative Milky Way paved the way to the job I have today as Software Developer at Novus Consulting – a job I found through the Career, Employability and Enterprise Centre’s Career Day. The BSc in Computer Science at CITY College provided me with a range of skills in various technologies and programming methodologies that prove highly beneficial for my job. During my studies I enhanced my skills in learning new technologies which enabled me to further learn the technologies that are needed in my job (such as AngularJS, .NET). As a Software Developer I am primarily working in a data collection/reporting system that is being developed from scratch for a public institution.”

Arieta Shabani
Software Developer at Novus Consulting 


Ms Arieta Shabani“My studies at CITY College helped me improve myself with regards to the academic part as well as to prepare myself for my career. This combination is unique at CITY College as it prepares students for the real world whilst building a strong academic background. Specifically, it helps students improve both knowledge and employability skills such as: people management, time management, flexibility, negotiation, teamwork, listening, critical thinking and many others.
During the courses I realised that I have passion for the Tourism and Hospitality industry, so I worked closely with the Career Employability and Enterprise Centre and found myself doing an internship in the Sales Department of Makedonia Palace Hotel - a 5* Hotel and landmark of Thessaloniki. The working experience is amazing. I work together with experienced professionals who help me get valuable insights in the tourism sector and further build my skills. What’s more, Makedonia Palace hotel offered me a scholarship in order to continue with postgraduate studies in the Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management.
The valuable knowledge that I gained during my years at CITY College combined with a powerful internship at Makedonia Palace hotel, makes me today able to compete and build my career in the Tourism and Hospitality industry. I am looking forward to see what is coming next and I am ready for it.”

Joana Daulle
Personal Assistant of the General Manager, Makedonia Palace Hotel
Former Intern, Sales Department, Makedonia Palace Hotel


Mr Stavros Kyriakidis“During my HR internship at Apifon – achieved through the Career, Employability and Enterprise Centre - I had the opportunity to put to practice all the knowledge and skills I gained during my studies at CITY College. My successful internship earned me a permanent job at the HR Department of Apifon, which I consider a great start for my career.”

Stavros Kyriakidis
HR Department, Apifon


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