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CITY College's Alumni Network

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CITY College’s Alumni Network is the official online networking platform for students who have completed their studies at CITY College.

By joining this exclusive online community you will be connected to fellow-alumni from different countries and lecturers and staff members of CITY College. This is a great way to stay connected your CITY College family, network, access or advertise jobs, offer mentorship and benefit from numerous other opportunities offered through the platform.

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How to register?

It’s easy to join!

You can sign up in less than two minutes by importing your Linkedin or Facebook profile, or with your email account.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Login with your existing Lin​kedin or Fa​cebook profile, or create a profile with your personal email account.

Step 3: Complete your registration by filling in a short registration form with your basic info. This will also help us update our records with your most up-to-date details.


How to register / short tutorial video:


What are the benefits?

We encourage all our alumni to get the most out of this innovative online community and the opportunities if offers. Here are some of the exclusive benefits the CITY College’s Alumni Network has in store for all our graduates:

Find and connect with classmates, fellow-alumni, lecturers and staff of CITY College and see what they have been up to!

Expand your network
Build your personal and professional networks with alumni from all over the world

Find jobs
Access jobs listings and make your next career move

Become a mentor
Share your expertise, offer advice and become a mentor of recent graduates or current students

Stay connected
Learn about the latest news and events of CITY College and stay connected!


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If you have any questions about the CITY College's Alumni Network send us an email at


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