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Bachelors in Business Studies - Special features

Mock Job Interviews

In the context of ‘Developing Early Career Skills’ module, students participate in mock job interviews. This is a role-playing activity where students are assigned the roles of interviewees and interviewers. In order to implement this, students are preparing their LinkedIn profiles along with their regular Curriculum Vitae. It gives them the opportunity to set from early on their personal development plan together with their personal tutor.


Re-packaging presentation

Students’ creativity and innovation are enhanced through many projects and exercises. One of these is the ‘Re-packaging’ project which takes place during the first year of their studies. Students are asked to re-package an existing product and present it.

Re-packaging presentation


Use of Digital Technologies

Students learn how to use but also act in a digital environment. The Department supports them to learn how to deliver online presentations, online interviews, create screen cast videos, participate and chair online meetings.


Viral Videos

Students are working with a company to develop a viral video. Students are expected to develop a digital marketing strategy to facilitate the promotion of a product or service based on the client’s needs and brief.


Volunteering Work

Being a Business School, staff and students have to offer back to the wider society. If we want to transform our businesses we need to primarily develop our values, empathy and ethos. Many opportunities are offered to business students within the Department to contribute to the advancement of the community. BAED cooperates with NGOs as part of its core values.



Practicum projects are real-life projects undertaken by our undergraduate students of the Business Administration and Economics Department in the final year of their studies, offering them the invaluable opportunity to get hands-on experience while working for leading and successful 'client-companies'. Practicums are an integral component of all the Bachelors programmes of CITY College's Business Studies Department and prove to be one of the most rewarding experiences for our students during their studies. Here are some cases of the most recent Practicum Projects successfully completed by our students.


Crash Courses

Students at the Postgraduate Level are coming from different educational backgrounds. The Department in order to facilitate their transition offers a series of crash courses so as to make them feel confident before the commencement of the classes.


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