Dr Κonstantina Chatzara
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Dr Κonstantina Chatzara


Academic Position


Academic Qualifications

Ph.D in Emotional Multimedia Agents in E-learning Systems, University of Thessaly, Greece

MA in Interactive Multimedia, University of Middlesex, London,  UK

BA(Hons)in Contemporary Media Practicefirst class degree with honoursUniversity of Westminster, London, UK

Higher National Diploma (HND) in Media Studies, North London College, London, UK

Email kchatzara@york.citycollege.eu
Skype skype/konstantina chatzara
Linkedin www.linkedin.com/in/konstantinachatzara

Dr. Konstantina Chatzara is scientific director in NOUS (the Institute of Digital Learning & Communication). She has worked in several interactive multimedia projects in London, UK and  in Thessaloniki, Greece from 1994 to present. She has been teaching multimedia and human computer interaction in the Greek University and ATEI since 2002.   She designed five information centers based in new technologies in Greece and has collaborated in several IT and media European projects. She worked in research projects in the area of e-learning in the Centre for Research and Technology – Hellas, in the Information Technologies Institute (ITI), Thessaloniki, Greece. She holds a Ph.D   in Emotional Multimedia Agents in E-learning Systems, (University of Thessaly, Greece), a masters’ degree (University of Middlesex, London, UK) and a first class honors bachelor’s degree (University of Westminster, London, UK) in Interactive multimedia. She is a founding member of Social Pedagogy Professional Association in UK. Her research interests lay in the area of human computer interaction, affective computing, personalized e-learning systems, digital storytelling and the use of digital technologies in social pedagogy, art and science. She has several publications in journals and conferences and she serves as a reviewer in scientific journals.



Digital Literacy

Research Interests

Affective Computing, 

Human Computer Interaction, 

Augmented reality,

Use of multimedia in education for children with attention difficulties



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  11. Chatzara K.. Digital storytelling as a pedagogical tool. υ EUforiaCreative Europe MEDIA, 2016




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