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Dr Adrian Solomon

Associate Professor

Academic Position

Associate Professor

Academic Qualifications

PhD in Sustainable Supply Chains (University of Sheffield, 2016)

BSc in Computer Science (University of Sheffield, 2012)

Office 3 Leontos Sofou Street, Thessaloniki, Greece
Office Hours

Monday 13:00 - 14:30

Tuesday 18:00 - 20:00

Thursday 18:00 - 20:00

However any other time may be suitable with an email request. As well, even for the given office hours, appointments by email are preferred.

Telephone +30 2310 528 450
Skype adrian-solomon
Twitter @adriano_solomon

Experienced knowledge & technology transfer manager with expertise in environmentally sustainable and resilient organizations and in managing R&D projects involving innovative solutions and technologies for organizational competitiveness and compliance. In my current position as Deputy Director, I am in charge of my organisation's project/contract portfolio development, innovation commercialisation, and research impact achievement.

So far, I have successfully acquired and managed nineteen (19) projects amounting to more than 19.4 million Euros. I managed the entire project lifecycle from its inception phase to the daily implementation operations (supplier selection, negotiation, contracting) and the final product/output delivery.

I contributed to my network’s direct budget with 19.4 million Euros from successful contracts (coming from companies, governments and foundations). The project partnerships spanned over 27 countries (from Europe, USA and Asia) and involved more than 350 staff, 29 suppliers, contractors and 150 000 final users for the project results/outputs. Based on this expertise, I was also elected as the Chairman of the External Grants Committee at the Triple Helix Association (University of Stanford-initiated technology transfer association), where I currently work on expanding their operations in Romania. I also serve as a remote project manager for the Advanced Resource Efficiency Centre (United Kingdom), a hub focusing on environmental sustainability technology commercialisation.

The interest in environmental sustainability, technology and innovation developed through cutting-edge R&D also led to international recognition and consultancy requests. I have served as keynote speaker and panel speaker in numerous international events and recently became a co-founder of a World Bank Working Group on Law and Technology.



CBE3113 - Logistics & Supply Chain Management (3rd Level UG)

CBE6102 - Operations & Process Management (MSc)


Research Interests

His main interests are in the areas of:

  • Environmentally sustainable and resilient supply chains
  • Technologies for resilient and low carbon decision making
  • Business process modelling: Lifecycle assessment and CO2 impact mapping
  • Investigation of institutional interactions to enable the implementation of low carbon supply chains practices
  • Co-creation of policy makers, industry, innovation, society and environment to support low carbon supply chain practices


Selected publications: 

Georgantzis Garcia, D.; Kipnis, E.; Vasileiou, E.; Solomon, A. (2021). Consumption in the Circular Economy: Learning from Our Mistakes. Sustainability 2021, 13, 601.

Solomon A., Koh, S.C.L, Ketikidis, P.H (2019). Including social performance as a measure for resilient and green freight transportation. Transportation Research Part D, 69, 13-23. (ABS 3*)

Kalinowski, T. B., Wieteska, G., Rudnicka, A., Wronka, A., Solomon, A., Piccolo, C., et al. (2018). The process of gaining key competencies in the implementation of energy efficient and sustainable supply chain operations. IJIRD, 8(3), 232–258.

Solomon, A., & Ketikidis, P. H. (2018). The Leading European and American Quintuple-Helix Model for Inclusive Sustainable Transportation: Cocreation with Businesses, Innovators, Policy Makers, Society, and the Environment. International Journal of Environment and Sustainability (IJES)7(1).

Solomon, A., Ketikidis, P. H., & Siavalas, F. (2017). Institutional Co-Creation Interfaces for Innovation Diffusion during Disaster Management., 5(1), 77–95.